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Boneyard Beach…Cool! No Bones About It!

January 7th, 2013 by David Jones

The area around Amelia Island is just brimming with natural wonders!  Take Boneyard Beach, for example.  Don’t let the name scare you – it’s not full of bones – just salt-washed skeletons of live oak and cedar trees that have fallen onto the beach due to beach erosion.  They remain there until the tide takes them out or they become fully eroded.  What you have is a fascinating display of super-large driftwood and a photographer’s dream!  Boneyard Beach is located at the northern most tip of Big Talbot Island, about a 20 minute drive from Amelia Island and a perfect place for a picnic lunch.  There are many cool trails to explore there that provide diverse habitats for bird-watching and nature study.  After exploring on foot consider launching a boat from the north end of the island to fish and tour the salt marshes.  Or consider renting a kayak and taking a guided tour with Kayak Amelia (888) 30-KAYAK.  Kayak tours require advanced reservations.

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Lose Yourself on Egan’s Creek Greenway

May 14th, 2012 by David Jones

Flowers Abound on Greenway


I felt like a first grader on a nature walk!  Venture out to Egan’s Creek Greenway on Amelia Island and you are sure to get lost in your surroundings. . . in a good way!  Around every bend you are in for surprises.  From native fauna to local birds and wildlife, this natural  setting with its grassy trails is a designated stop on the Great Florida  Birding Trail.



Native Birds Abundant

View of Marshland on Greenway



Rangers have developed and marked two trails, a red trail and a blue trail.  Maps are available to help guide your walk or bike ride.  Depending on the season, visitors can see a variety of birds and wildlife within the 300-plus protected acres.