Yoga Anyone?

July 28th, 2014 by David Jones

The minute you enter the door and walk up the  steps of Centered on Yoga in downtown Fernandina Beach your mood changes.  Suddenly you notice the way the light magically dances on the wall from the large star-kissed lights hanging in the stairwell. You begin to smell the gentle relaxing aromas as you make your way up the stairs to the studio. IMG_5619  IMG_5622 IMG_5627

Once inside, as you unroll your mat,you take in the beautiful view of live oak trees dancing outside the windows.Butwait …. there’s more to come!  In addition to the relaxing benefits (both physical and mental) yoga has to offer, be prepared for a good physical workout!  Centered on Yoga, almost a year old, is located in the quaint historic district of Fernandina Beach, just steps away from the Blue Heron Inn.  They offer classes for beginners and the seasoned “yogies”. Elizabeth and Dan McCranie have made the studio an oasis in which to unwind and escape!  They compliment all that with achieving a sense of purpose and balance.  Expect to leave feeling rejuvenated and relaxed!  For more information you can visit them at


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